Target group(TG) description

The Target group is: 34 people aged 18-35, the so-called NEET category that: do not work (they are unemployed or economically inactive) and do not participate education in stationary or part time mode(first-cycle studies, second-cycle studies, third-cycle studies) and do not participate in trainings. In addition, there are at least 17 disadvantaged people, those who: left correctional facilities, juvenile centres, youth educational centres, youth sociotherapy centres, foster care or are disabled or prematurely left the educational system or the long-term unemployed.


Description of the participants' background

TG will be recruited from Łomża municipality and Łomża county. Mainly people living in rural areas and small towns up to 50 000 inhabitants. This environment is characterized by a huge number of young people belonging to the NEET group. People with secondary and vocational education dominate in this group.


The main objective of the project is:

raising the professional ad key competences among the group of 31 people (16 female and 15 male) aged 18-35 belonging to the NEET group from Łomża County through the implementation of a comprehensive program involving the activation of professional experience during the internships in Portugal.


Main results:

  1. a) The number of people who have acquired professional or key competence or after leaving the program – 31 people (16 F and 15 M)
  2. b) The number of people supported under international mobility program - 34 people (17 F and 17 M)